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Search help and guidance:

If you know all or most of the part number required enter it into the search bar. Use the % symbol as a wildcard to help refine your search.

We appreciate that most users are simply trying to find a 3D file that provides the envelope dimensions of the part required. Many aspects of our part numbering system, whilst vital to ensure correct procurement of a part, are not necessary to delivering the key objective of finding a file with matching envelope dimensions. For instance, nomenclature codes denoting plating options, insulator material, wire colours and lengths become superfluous during this type of 3D part search. The part numbers we display on the site will be amended to reflect the non-essential nature of many aspects of the nomenclature, for instance MWDM2L-37P-6K1-1S will be displayed as MWDMxx-37P-xxx-xS, with lower case “x” replacing unnecessary elements of the part number.

If your search does not return any results, it maybe that your search is too specific or you are searching for a file that has not yet been loaded on to Glenair 3D Parts Online. If you require technical assistance with any Glenair solution or there is a file you cannot find please fill in the help form for assistance.

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